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We're going way back..WAY BACK.....where the something something WAY BACK

Sunday, May 29th, 2005

that was my last post here :-D

What is that...a bit over 4 and a half years ago...hahahahha


Am I  the same person now as I was than?

I think I'm sadly far less interesting now...and it seems to be just going further and further in that direction......aren't older people supposed to be more interesting than younger people?


I read my very few blogs here..and to kick it old school for a moment "would you like to know more?"  (that's from starship troopers, the movie not the book;


I have  nothing of actual importance or intrestingness or whatever to say.....but since I signed in to add a couple of people whom come from the world of twitter...I thought to type a bit of nonsense


twitter didn't exist way back than...hahahhahhahah....and on that note....remember aol? With the rise of dsl and cable and other high speed aol has become all but obsolete....i guess there might still be people who have it as an isp..but mostly I think it remains in the form of aim...(also with the whole aol time warner debacle a few years back...that was the true death of the giant that they may have been at some point)


nice run on words ain't they?


that is the end...as always....myspace is still my preferred blogging source.....if I ever get a new computer...I might just have to start my own blog site.

mahallo and adieou


((oh yeah...since I was just listening to 'we don't need another hero' and am still listening to the rest of the very short soundtrack album to mad max beyond thunderdome...........I think I would really like to meet tina turner some day...maybe sit down and talk about...life? I don't even know what...but at least meet her and exchange greetings.....she's an icon...or used to be..thus still will be...of the 80's...that i grew up with...or something....yep....and now that is all))
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